Fashion Reinvented with AI Fashion Reinvented with AI


Fashion Pocket was founded in 2018 by a former business consultant,
who had the vision to improve lives with the power of artificial intelligence.
We’ve focused on the saturated apparel industry
by using AI to assist clients with fashion trend prediction,
e-commerce, order customization, demand forecast, merchandising optimization,
and in-store efficiency improvement. Our goal is to improve the shopping experience
for consumers while also increasing revenues and reducing costs for our clients.


Founder & CEO
Roi Shigematsu

Roi graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Engineering,
and also earned his graduate degree from the University of Tokyo.
He worked at McKinsey & Company’s Tokyo,
Frankfurt, and Chicago offices, and became a partner in 2016.
While at McKinsey, he led AI and IoT initiatives,
serving clients across a variety of industries,
supporting them with AI application and commercialization.
He founded Fashion Pocket in 2018, with the vision
to innovate the fashion and lifestyle industry using a variety of AI tools,
such as merchandising optimization
through computer vision and demand prediction,
in-store efficiency improvement, and in-store customer analytics.

Yuichi Sasaki

Yuichi graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Department of Physics,
Faculty of Science, and also earned his Doctor
of Science degree from the University of Tokyo.
During his time at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN),
he led research on black holes and supersymmetry,
while also working to prove the Grand Unified Theory,
a model in particle physics about the universe. From analyses
of large scale data to AI development, Yuichi’s contributions were significant,
and he participated as a researcher in the Nobel Prize winning discovery
of the Higgs boson. He then entered into AI development in the manufacturing
industry, specifically in robotics development and failure prediction models,
as he desired to see the knowledge gained from AI research applied
to everyday life and society. He joined Fashion Pocket to expand on this desire
and to bring cutting edge technology to the fashion industry.

Tomohiro Somehara

Tomohiro graduated from Hitotsubashi University’s Faculty
of Commerce and Management, and as of 2012,
is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). At Yusei Audit & Co.
(currently Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC), he had a variety of roles,
including conducting statutory audits of publicly traded companies,
supporting companies undergoing IPOs, and performing due diligence.
After transferring to the investment banking division at Nomura Securities,
he led several dozen M&A operations in multiple industries,
including fashion. As a hands-on venture partner of The University
of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd., Tomohiro was actively involved
in fundraising efforts and internal control policies.
He also served as a CFO of emerging startups and as an outside officer
of public startup companies. He joined Fashion Pocket to contribute
to the launch and growth of a domestically built, global AI business,
where his financial experience would be valued.


Fashion Pocket develops
and owns proprietary AI technologies
to analyze photos and videos.
We provide solutions to a wide range of customer needs,
such as demand forecast, merchandising optimization,
and time series analysis.


We currently offer 5 tools to meet the needs of our apparel clients.
Our future efforts include plans to bring innovations to the industry through both BtoC and BtoB products.


Fashion Pocket Inc.
Founder CEO
Roi Shigematsu
Global HQ
Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, Hibiya Mitsui Tower 32F
1-1-2, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, Japan, 100-0006

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